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What are the best methods for rehydrating THRIVE foods?

Fruits and vegetables are the quickest to reconstitute and will require 100% of their volume in water. Allow the product to soak until the water has reconstituted it to its original state and drain off any excess liquid. Cheeses need to be stirred as water is drizzled evenly over them, and best results come after 3–4 hours of refrigeration for the water to fully reconstitute the cheese. Meats can be rehydrated by adding 100% of their volume in water and generally take longer to reconstitute than fruits and vegetables. Please see specific product pages on our website for rehydration instructions for particular products. After rehydrating, THRIVE foods have similar flavor and texture as fresh foods, and they will cook the same as fresh foods. THRIVE foods may be added dry during the cooking process if there is enough liquid in the recipe for rehydration to occur.